What's Your One Next Step?

Last week my yoga teacher shared a simple little riddle at the beginning of class…

You may have heard it…

If there are five frogs on a log and four decide to jump off, how many frogs are still on the log?

The answer is still five.

That’s the difference between thought, decision, and action.

How many times have you fantasized about something in your mind? Thought about starting the thing? Having the conversation? Taking the risk?

For most of us, the answer is, all the time!

You have amazing ideas. You are on the edge of something great. Of stepping in to your next chapter. So, what’s stopping you?

It’s likely fear. Fear of the unknown.

Fear of the unknown is what keeps us from taking simple or bold action.

From putting off taking the Pilates class at the new studio because you don’t know anything about Pilates (what the hell are those machines anyway??)… to the bolder move of quitting your job to start the passion project you’ve been dreaming about for a while but that just doesn’t seem realistic.

Your mind can make up all sorts of scenarios as to why something won’t work. I mean… talk about getting creative! We are really good at drawing the most outlandish potential outcomes of what would happen if we dare take a risk.

So, what’s one thing you want do, but haven’t?

Nope. Don’t keep reading until you come up with one thing.

It may feel like a little kid who has been poking at you for attention while you’re busy adulting, but it’s there somewhere. And you have probably been ignoring it for a while.

OK, got the thing?

If not, no worries! Schedule your complimentary discovery session with me and I can help you explore!

What is one action you can take today in support of this goal?

Even if it’s as simple as a Google search. Or sending an e-mail. Or clearing space in your home for something.

What would it mean for you to take this one action?

How will you feel when you complete it?

OK, I can’t really successfully coach you over a generic e-mail, but there are so many things you can do to take just the next right action.

It’s so easy and understandable to get overwhelmed by the big picture, and my friends and clients hear me say all the time, what’s just the next right action.

You don’t have to have everything all figured out. Just decide, then actually jump.

Take action.

That’s why I’m so passionate about coaching. We don’t wallow in the past. Or in failure.

We apply laser focus to what’s blocking you from the thing, then you move into action.

Accountability. Transformation.

I know you have a thing. An idea. An action. A conversation you want to have. A new skill you want to develop. A dream you want to take one step towards.

Hit me up for your complementary discovery session if you want to chat about it!

That’s why I’m here. I’ve had so many people hold space for me and support my goals and vision, and I’m here to help do the same for you.

We can’t be expected to do this life-thing alone.

Leave a comment below (or send me an email elizabeth@elizabethstjohn.co) to share what ACTION you’re going to take this week and how I can help hold you accountable!



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