Transformation through mindfulness coaching

Stop the Stress…
Live Your Passion & Purpose Every Damn Day


It’s time to find your passion and flow so you wake up excited about every day. No more living on autopilot.  No more powering through until Friday.
No more yo-yoing between stressed and frazzled and never pausing to notice how far you’ve come or being intentional about where you want to go.
You’re destined for more and you know it.


Hi! I’m Elizabeth, Your Mindfulness Coach


I help high-achieving millennials like you live your passion and purpose every day.

You’re likely here because, while you’ve been killing it at life “on paper”, you’re craving more peace and flow in your day to day. Or you have a feeling there’s something more fulfilling you could be doing ... and you’re ready to define it and pursue it… without burning out. You have a goal and you want results.

Well, guess what? You’re in the perfect place! As a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) I specialize in guiding driven, high-achievers like you through an awakening process that empowers you to cultivate the career and life you really want. I’m a recovering stressed-out corporate consultant and discovered the secret to gaining the fulfillment and ease I longed for but didn't think was possible. It came down to a strategy that’s accessible for you too: mindfulness & energy management.   

My personal mission is to pull people out of survival mode and into consciously creating what they really want in their lives and careers.

Through one-on-one coaching, energy management, mindful techniques, and facilitating team workshops, I help people slow down, get centered, and live lives of their dreams with a unique blend of drive, passion, inner peace, and ease. Oh, and we have fun. Because transformation is anything but boring.

Listen to my story (and get some mindful tidbits) on the Real Women in Business Podcast here.

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How I Can Support You

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What some of my beautiful clients have to say…

"Elizabeth has an incredible knack at homing in on the nuggets that have helped me uncover major ah-ha’s and figure out next steps for growth and success. She has helped me get to the ah-ha’s by careful listening, observing, and restating my truths back to me. With insights from her own professional experience and personal growth, she’s offered relatable examples and observations that I just couldn’t get to on my own. I’ve uncovered and worked through so much in a few short months! It's been an incredibly positive experience, with no shame or judgement, just lots of understanding and nudges forward! I appreciate having her as an accountability partner too – accountability really helps!" - Erin R.

“Before working with Elizabeth, I had so many cluttered thoughts in my mind. The only way I knew how to deal with them was by suppressing them in. Which of course, made matters worse! Working with Elizabeth gave me clarity, peace and helped me move forward. I look forward to every session I have with her as I enjoy opening up, talking, and just letting myself out knowing someone truly genuine, natural, nonjudgemental and professional is listening to me, resting assure, I will gain this clarity and reach my goal as soon as the end of the session.” - Dina K.

“Elizabeth consistently brings issues and concerns that I had hidden away for years to the surface. At first, I was nervous to open up to someone who was literally a stranger. As we began our first conversation, Elizabeth immediately started building rapport and trust. Within minutes I knew that I was very lucky to have found such an authentic, compassionate, and supportive coach. Elizabeth is an intuitive listener, challenges me, consistently keeps me on track when I start to go off on tangents, and always has a gentle and creative way of pulling me out of my story. We never leave a session without a plan in place and her setting up accountability for completing that plan. Anyone lucky enough to have her as a coach will get to experience her charm, professionalism, knowledge and expertise.” - Tony N.

“As someone who is rather science-minded, I loved the tangible results the E-Factor assessment provided. I was amazed at how easy it was to go through the assessment and the clarity that came out of the results, this is something I feel everyone would benefit from. I had a sense I was holding some dense energy that was preventing me from living my life fully, and by going through my E-Factor results with Elizabeth, I was able to put language behind what I was feeling. Thanks to Elizabeth, I now have the ability to recognize when I am functioning from a lower catabolic energy, and during our de-brief session, she provided me with tools to switch my behaviour and perform and respond from a higher anabolic energy.  I loved this process and all of the insight Elizabeth provided, I will certainly be doing this again!” - Shannon M.