Transformation through mindfulness coaching

Use Mindfulness to
Achieve Your Goals


It’s time to find your passion and flow so you wake up excited about every day. No more living on autopilot.  No more powering through until Friday.
No more yo-yoing between stressed and frazzled and never pausing to notice how far you’ve come or being intentional about where you want to go.
You’re destined for more and you know it. Let’s explore how mindfulness and energy management can get you there.

Hi! I’m Elizabeth, Your Mindfulness Coach


You’re likely here because, while you’ve been killing it at life “on paper”, you’re craving more peace and flow in your day to day. Or you have a feeling there’s something more fulfilling you could be doing ... and you’re ready to define it and pursue it… without burning out. You have a goal and you want results.

Well, guess what? You’re in the perfect place! I specialize in guiding driven, high-achievers like you through an awakening process that empowers you to cultivate the career and life you really want. I’m a recovering stressed-out corporate consultant and discovered the secret to gaining the fulfillment and ease I longed for but didn't think was possible. It came down to one strategy that’s accessible for you too: mindfulness.   

My personal mission is to pull people out of survival mode and into consciously creating what they really want in their lives and careers.

Through one-on-one coaching, energy management, mindful techniques, and facilitating team workshops, I help people slow down, get centered, and live lives of their dreams with a unique blend of drive, passion, inner peace, and ease. Oh, and we have fun. Because transformation is anything but boring.

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How I Can Support You

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