Let's Find Your "Thing"

Last week I posted about the importance of shifting from thought and decision into ACTION (check out the post here if you missed it).

While I’m super inspired by the actions you guys decided to take, the question I got back the most was, yeah, but what if I don't know my thing?

Um, super reasonable question!

Maybe your “thing” (a goal you have, a wild dream you have, or just something you want to do) isn’t obvious to you yet. Totally cool.

I’ll share more at some point how I feel about the immense pressure of figuring out “your thing”… so, that’s my disclaimer… no pressure for you from this post, only opportunity!

Maybe you’re already doing your thing… which is great! And… you’ll have another thing or an evolution of what you’re doing as life moves on.

The answer for me (and for many others I’ve had the pleasure of working with) really involves mindfulness.

Getting still enough, present enough, and attentive enough to listen.

I don’t have your answer.

No one outside of you knows your unique passion and path to success.  

Let me clarify… getting input from others on what they come to you for or what they see as your strengths is always a good idea. But following a career path or life blueprint that someone else touts as “success” is not necessarily going to lead you to an authentically fulfilling life.

There’s no paint-by-number path to your best life.

Good news and bad news, yeah?

But, what I can offer are some strategies to help you uncover some puzzle pieces to help you put together what your thing is. For life, or just what’s next for you.

A daily stillness practice can be a an amazing strategy to quiet enough to hear the budding passion that’s stuck under layers of daily routines, work, perceived road blocks, and busyness.

You can do this through a meditation or breath work practice (email me for a copy of my Mindfulness Starter Kit if you don’t already have it).

Or, my favorite strategy, through stream-of-consciousness journaling.

This is simply sitting down with an uninterrupted block of time (I would start with at least 15 minutes or 3 full pages) and just writing anything that comes to mind.

It can feel awkward at first, but it allows you to uncover and clear out the stuff that has been taking up space in your mind and get down to the juicier stuff.

There are tons of prompts and ways you can use journaling to literally change your life so hit me up or schedule your complimentary exploration call and we can chat… too much to type here!

Also, a strategy that has seemed to work best for my clients has been using a Spark Journal.

This is a simple real-time catalog of what lights you up and what drains you throughout the day and week so we can start putting together the puzzle pieces of your passion.

Shoot me an e-mail (elizabeth@elizabethstjohn.co) if you’re interested in your Spark Journal guide and template.

People love it. I love it.

Again, it all starts with you. But you have to be willing to uncover and listen.

What I have spent my own life doing and helping others do is to differentiate between what is true for YOU versus what you think you should be doing.

The hard truth is that you’re not going to have true internal satisfaction and fulfillment if you’re busy chasing “success” that is defined by someone else.

Whether that’s from society. From your family. From your network. From any place outside of you.

Until you identify and go after what YOU are passionate about, there is going to be that nagging feeling that something is off.

Don’t let that overwhelm you… I simply want to invite you to spend some time getting to know how you want to spend your time. What your definition of success is. And how to go after that.

When you can tie your passion with an action strategy, you’ll achieve extraordinary results and alignment.

Whew…I didn’t mean to get so dense for a Tuesday!

What can you do today to listen a little more to what gets you excited?

And if you’re already on the path of taking action aligned to your dreams, what blocks are in the way? What action can you do to remove one this week?

You're 95% more likely to achieve your goals with the support of a coach, so if you want to chat about uncovering "your thing", figuring out what blocks are in the way from you getting from where you are today to achieving your goal, and developing an action plan to get you there, set up time to chat. 

I fundamentally believe the world becomes a better and lighter place when more people are fulfilling their passions and doing what makes them happy.

So that’s why I do this work.



p.s. What’s your thing? Leave a comment below!

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