Transformation through mindfulness coaching

Being Mindful…

The Secret to Living a Juicy Life
& Creating a Fulfilling Career


When you have a goal, you go for it.

You exceed expectations at work.

You’re seen as the rock star amongst colleagues and friends.

And you have this drive to be the best.

Yet, when you reach it, when you cross the accomplishment off the list, get the praise, and the raise, you often think...

Shouldn’t if feel better than this? I’ve achieved a lot, I’m doing everything and more at work, but why do I feel unsatisfied, drained, and stuck?

You have a gut instinct that there’s something more you should be doing. As if you haven’t fully tapped into your unique strengths. Or that you should be doing it differently.

And here you are,  living each day filled with stress and pressure to perform-- but for what?

The natural rationalization? It’s a good job and a good salary.

It takes sacrifice to make a good salary. This is what I’m supposed to be striving for. My dreams aren’t realistic. I should just stick with it. It’s not that bad, right?


The part of you that craves more? That dreams? That wants to feel happy and alive and satisfied?

That’s your intuition tapping you on the shoulder, trying to point you in the right direction--the part of you that keeps whispering, I’m meant for more than this, I want more than this, I am more than this...

The thing is… you’re not the only one.

I’ve been there, too. You can read more about my journey here, but let’s just say I was a stressed out corporate consultant for many years.

It felt like that’s just how it had to be. That was the job. I was busy and I made good money, but I was burnt out and felt like I wasn't living in alignment with my soul. May sound “woo-woo” but damn, it was draining.


It’s a yucky feeling that we spend most of our time actually trying to avoid… but how much energy do you think you’re spending just avoiding that truth, even subconsciously?

Too much.

That’s energy you could be spending in ways aligned to your true self. Energy that you could be using to light you up with things you are passionate about. You can still have that great job and multiple 6-figure salary but live your days with more flow, ease, and even more productivity.

My personal mission is to pull people out of survival mode and into consciously creating what they really want in their lives and careers.

Through one-on-one coaching, energy management, mindful techniques, and facilitating team workshops, I help people slow down, get centered, and live the life of their dreams with a unique blend of drive and passion; with inner peace and ease. This whole transformation thing is much more fun and easier with a guide, so let’s see if I can be that partner you need to help you achieve more flow, purpose, and fulfillment in your life. Your Goals + My Support = Dreamy Results.

Let’s get started!

A few personal tidbits about me…

  • I have two hilarious pugs (Coco and Lucy Boo) who are a constant source of entertainment, joy, and snorts.

  • I also own a flower crown party business, Flower Crown Muse, which allows me to ignite joy and creativity in the women I work with.

  • I love to travel and immerse myself in new destinations… my favorite trip so far has been gorilla trekking in Rwanda (ask me about my encounter with a one-day-old baby gorilla!).

  • When I was a kiddo, I was constantly playing teacher and creating arts and crafts… it’s fascinating how our little selves give us insight into our true passions!

Wait…what do you mean by “mindfulness”?

Fair question! Check out my Frequently Asked Questions page for more info on mindfulness, energy, and coaching.

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