Mindful Leadership

For the Productivity, Focus, & Growth You’ve Been Looking For.

Does this sound familiar?

You arrive at your desk, ready to dive into the most important task of the moment but...

… you have 10 other things spinning in your head.

Emails. Pings. Meetings. Those damn red notification dots everywhere!

You need to get something done for your boss, but at the same time, your team needs your immediate attention.

Pulled in a million directions, you become stressed. Your eye twitches. Your shoulders tense up. And by the end of the day, you’re completely drained.

It’s as if everything outside of you dictates your time and energy… and you have no control.

The truth is, every moment is a chance to step off the hamster wheel of incessant doing, so that you can ease the chaotic "monkey mind", and move throughout the the day using you and your team’s unique strengths, talents, and creativity.

Greatness is better achieved without the levels of stress and burnout that are the tragic norm in the workplace today.  

Research shows that 47% of the time we are mentally off-task. Nearly half of the time we are not focused on the task at hand.


In a fast-paced multitasking work environment, it’s no wonder people are mentally frazzled. Not to mention, the results they set out to accomplish almost always takes more effort, time, and resources than is truly necessary.

What can help move that statistic in the right direction?


Mindfulness is simply being present in the current moment.

Focusing on the right things at the right time.

Being fully aware of what you are doing.

Deeply engaged in the task at hand.

It’s a no-brainer that increased mindfulness leads to greater productivity, happiness, engagement, focus, and achieving results at work (and outside of work) -- with more efficiency.

And companies like Google, Intel, and Goldman Sachs are now swearing by the positive impacts mindfulness and meditation is having on their workforce

Happy people make better employees and deliver better results.

I know because I’ve been there. I’ve used these strategies in my own corporate career and with my teams. It works.

Check out my programs below to see how working together can elevate the performance of you and your team.

Want to learn more?

Set up time with me to chat so we can discuss what your goals are and see if I can help. Trust me, you, your boss, and your team will thank you.



1 hr.png

An Introduction to Mindfulness Techniques in the Workplace

During this 1-hour virtual or on-site session, you and your team will learn the core concepts of mindfulness and experience the effects first-hand.

You’ll get an introduction to my foolproof 3 step process to discover how mindfulness can shift an organizational dynamic AND  increase productivity and ease for each of individual.

Your team will walk away with tactical strategies for their mindfulness toolkit that they can use throughout the day to get centered, focused, and operate with greater intention and ease.

This one-hour workshop is for your organization if...

  • You’ve had enough of chaotic work days that feel more draining than productive

  • You’re interested in exploring the secret sauce that can take your team’s productivity and engagement to the next level

  • You want to show your team and your organization that you care about the well-being, balance, and success of your employees

  • You want to give a taste to your team but you don’t have the time to dedicate to a longer session

  • You’re curious about the effects of mindfulness but not sure where to start

If you think this introductory workshop can help you and your team get centered and achieve the results you’re looking for faster and with more ease (spoiler alert - it can!), click here to schedule a 30 min exploration session with me and we can discuss your goals and options.

I can’t wait to hop on a call and discuss what you’re looking to achieve and how mindfulness can help!

4 hr.png

Exploring and Practicing Mindful Techniques for Individual & Team Productivity

During this 4-hour on-site deep-dive, you and your team will not only get the fundamentals of mindfulness and productivity in the workplace, but you’ll also experience the effects of mindfulness first-hand.

I’ll lead an interactive discussion about:

  • The neuroscience behind mindfulness and how it has been shown to positively impact workplace productivity.

  • The 7 levels of Core Energy leadership and discuss how we can start shifting your own energy and the energy of your organization to be more effective.

And we’ll conduct individual assessments to hone in on where we can make the most impact using mindful techniques.

The experience also includes:

  • Breath Work

  • Intention Setting

  • Success Visualization

We’ll practice some mindfulness techniques and anchor the changes that are possible when we go through our days with more presence, mindfulness, and with the right energy.

After this half-day together you and your team will have tactical tools and experience to shift your energy, work and live more mindfully, and establish a commitment to bring this practice into the culture of your organization for long term success.

This half-day workshop is for your organization if…

  • You want to stop seeing your team suffer through the workdays with stress and burnout

  • You want to learn to truly focus on one thing at a time and how that can accelerate productivity

  • You want to shift from reactive leadership to focused, aware, and mindful leadership

  • You want to show your commitment to shifting your organization’s culture to one that is centered around your people and the fact that you can all achieve more by being more grounded and centered

  • You’re ready to dive in to explore and practice how mindfulness can help boost team engagement and value realization

  • You’re ready for high performance and transformation!

If you think this may be the secret sauce your team has been missing to take your engagement and results to the next level, click here to set up a complementary exploration call with me and we can discuss your goals and see if this workshop will be able to help you and your team.

I can’t wait to hop on a call and discuss what you’re looking to achieve and how mindfulness can help!