The fulfilling life you dream about?

It can be yours.

People probably describe you as successful, high-achieving, a badass, a rock star….

You’ve been on a mission to succeed-- to be the best and hit the big life and career milestones.

Yet, you haven’t totally found the joy and passion you crave-- the kind that lit you up before you became an “adult.” In the rare moments where you have a second to be still, you think about this. You wonder if this is “it.”

Is this as good as it’s going to feel?

Because it doesn’t feel like enough. You want more. You want passion and purpose in your life every day. A life and career that has meaning, where you’re making a difference, where you’re doing something that you love. You want to live your days with more flow and less “busy-ness”.

Well, that’s what you’re destined for.

Those cravings are what I call “intuitive hits.” Your inner guidance system signaling that it’s time to explore the truth beneath the stress and the pursuit of “success”.

It’s time, and that’s why you’re here.

And the secret to finding the clarity and fizzy fulfillment you desire, comes down to the one thing you usually ignore but don’t even realize it.

Your inner world. Your internal dialogue. Your nagging instincts. So, let’s explore them and take action.

As your Mindfulness Coach, I’ll empower you to go inward. To create space to discover what YOU really want in your life and your career, so that you can start taking the steps to make it your reality every damn day.


How do I know this works?

Well, I’ve been in your shoes. I spent years as an over-functioning corporate consultant “working for the weekend” and moving so fast I didn’t even have a chance to reflect on what I was doing, what I was working toward long-term (besides the next promotion), and how I was really using my talents and gifts.

Then I discovered mindfulness and I haven’t looked back. I’ve used breath work, meditation, visualization, and many other techniques to tap into my dreams, skills, deep desires, and how to use intentions and action planning to make those dreams a reality in my life and have more flow and peace day to day.

I learned how to recognize and manage my energy throughout the day, to get into states of flow for maximum productivity, and how to mindfully respond vs. react to the chaos of the day, both with work and personally. Best of all, I learned how to find stillness to hear (and follow) my intuition, which has led me to my life’s work.

THIS is 100% what’s possible for you too.

Leveraging the tools of mindfulness and coaching, we’ll find YOUR unique road to the ultimate destination so you’re living the life of your dreams and you don’t find yourself at the end wondering, how did I get here and for what? Instead, you’ll take every step forward with intention.




Mindset Mastery Program

3-month private coaching program focused on dream identification, goal setting, and taking action to remove blocks and achieve results with accountability.
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Custom in-person half-day experience diving into one of your big dreams and using mindfulness to map out your action steps. Efficient, actionable, and mindfulness-based. Learn More



mindset mastery program

What we’ll actually do together...

  • Identify YOUR true-to-you passion inducing goals and dreams

  • Determine a realistic plan to get you there

  • Conduct an assessment to discover your E-Factor, how you use your energy daily and during times of stress

  • Accelerate success by using your unique strengths and by breaking through roadblocks

  • Co-create an accountability practice so you make consistent progress

  • Actively practice mindful techniques that will anchor your goals and visions, help you be more present, focused, and live a life of more passion, joy, and fulfillment

After our time together, you’ll have…

  • Identified your destination and clearly mapped out your path to get there (goodbye autopilot mode taking me who knows where!)

  • Named and slayed those roadblocks keeping you from achieving your dreams and goals

  • A clear understanding and framework for your engaged energy and how to use it to accelerate your goals and daily happiness

  • Practiced a slew of mindfulness techniques and determined what works for you

  • Integrated goal achieving and mindfulness techniques into your day-to-day life

  • Discovered and experienced that you can live life with more passion, presence, peace, and calm while still achieving amazing results

This program is for you if you believe any of the below statements and are looking for a new way to approach your work and your life to achieve what you really want:

  • I don’t have time to focus on my “passions”… hell, I don’t even really know what I’m passionate about!

  • I know I want something more from life, I’m just not sure what that means or where to start

  • I have to work to the point of burnout to earn a good salary or feel worthy

  • If I’m not a high achieving, high performing person, I’m not valuable

  • If I don’t stay on the path I set out in school, people are going to see me as a failure and my work to date has been a waste

  • If my days are free of stress, I must not be working hard enough

  • I don’t have time for fluffy mindfulness stuff… I have shit to get done!

I have good news for you… these things aren’t true. Yay! But what now…?

If any part of you feels like this work could help get you to your next level in life, let’s chat.

If you feel like you don’t have time for this in your life, then that’s a clear sign you will really benefit from some outside-in, unbiased, mindful coaching.

Shoot me an email at and let me know what you’re looking for and why now is the time for change.



VIP day

During our time together we’ll dive into the following framework and customize it just for you:

  • Identify one of YOUR true-to-you big dreams

  • Get immersed in mindful and creative experiences to expand your perspective and explore the effects of mindfulness first-hand

  • Begin uncovering any roadblocks and action planning to shift them through one-on-one coaching

  • Anchor your dream, goal, and specific intention to set you up for success

  • Determine what’s the best next step for you

  • Enjoy a delicious breakfast or lunch together

After our half-day immersion session, you’ll have:

  • Clarity on your big dream or goal

  • Insight to what might be standing in your way and a strategy to work through it

  • Experience with mindfulness and exposure to the impact it can have on your life

  • Excitement and next steps to get you there!

This is for you if…

  • You want to put energy toward one goal that you haven’t been able to accomplish on your own

  • You crave support, guidance, and a mindful approach to bringing this career accomplishment or life dream to fruition  

  • You’d love to do a deep dive into what’s getting in your way so that you can remove mental and habit-driven blocks

  • You want a plan that you can apply to your everyday life starting ASAP to tackle that key goal

  • You want a powerful taste of how coaching and mindfulness may help you on your journey

  • You are interested in adding mindfulness practices in your life but you aren’t quite sure where to start

If you’re intrigued about diving in to this custom experience, let’s chat! Set up a 30 min complementary exploration session with me so you can get more information on the program and I can learn about what you’re looking for.

Eeeep! The potential is so exciting!! Can’t wait to chat with you about it.