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What’s Your e-Factor?

Having a clear understanding of your energetic profile, how you approach the world, is a key step to determine what opportunities you have and what strategies we can employ to help you achieve your goals with clarity and speed.

The Energy Leadership™ Index is an tried-and-true assessment created by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) that will reveal your E-Factor as a baseline to uncover how your energy is driving your beliefs, thoughts, and actions.

Where you put your energy is where your life goes.

No more taking action without focus. Let’s make your energy work for you versus against you so you can start living the life of your dreams.

What’s the Energy Leadership™ Index :

  • It’s an attitudinal assessment that takes about 15 minutes to complete

  • It measures your unique energetic profile across 7 levels of Core Energy, quantifying how you approach the world under regular circumstances and during times of stress

  • It’s not a personality assessment where you are a specific “type”, rather it gives us a baseline that we can use to measure your transformation over time

  • It measures your levels of satisfaction around 14 dimensions

  • It provides your E-Factor; studies prove that the higher your E-Factor, the more satisfaction and fulfillment you have in your life

So, how does it work?

When I work with new clients, The Energy Leadership™ Index is a core part of our work together as it provides incredible clarity on your attitude, perception, perspective, and how your energy is used for positive action (or not). It’s embedded in my coaching packages because it’s really a roadmap to action and opportunity. I find so much value in this assessment that I want to offer it to you as a stand-alone. It’s incredibly revealing and clarifying so I don’t want to reserve the benefits of this tool just to my package clients.

  1. INITIAL CHAT: Once you let me know you’re interested, we’ll have a 15 minute chat to talk about the assessment, what to expect, and what you hope to get out of it

  2. ASSESSMENT: I’ll send you the assessment which you’ll complete online

  3. ANALYSIS: Once I get the results, I’ll analyze the results and prep for our debrief

  4. SNEAK PEEK: I’ll send you the results offline ~24 hours before we meet

  5. THE GOOD STUFF: We’ll have a 90 minute coaching session where we’ll discuss your results and what they mean for you. During this session we’ll cover:

    • The 7 levels of energy; what they are and what they mean

    • Your E-Factor and unique blend of energy that drives how you act normally and during times of stress

    • Your default response modes and how that is getting you closer or further away from your goals

    • How you respond internally versus how you take action in the world

    • How you see your energy showing up and opportunities to shift your energy to get more of what you want

    • What you’ve learned about yourself and what actions we can take next

I can guarantee you’re going to learn some valuable information about yourself that you can use to your benefit… it’s a transformative process for sure.

The special à la carte cost of the assessment and debrief session right now is $145 ( $275 value. Yeah, that’s almost half off… thank Spring energy!).

If you’re at all interested I would take advantage of this now by popping in your info below and I’ll be in touch!

And if you have ANY questions, submit the form below and I can answer them for you via email or we can chat live.




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