Decision Making Life Hack

Do you ever find it difficult to make a decision?

Do I take the job offer…?

Do I keep dating the guy even though something doesn’t feel 100% “right”...?

Do I have that difficult conversation that I really want to avoid…?

Totally normal! Decisions, big or small, can be difficult. This is simply a sign that you are conscious person who cares about the impacts and consequences of your decisions.

But wouldn’t it be nice if it were easier to make some of those seemingly difficult decisions?

One of the first and most important exercises I do with my clients is a values exercise. As adults it’s actually super common that we aren’t clear on our core values, the principles by which we live our life and make decisions.

Your values drive your behaviors and decisions even if you aren’t conscious or clear on what they are. So, a simple way to more easily make decisions that feel good, that are in line with who you are, and that honor what you value, is to get clear on your values!

Your top values are different from mine. Different from anyone else’s. There is no wrong value. Same reason decisions are not always easy… there is no one right decision for everyone.

The good news? Once you know your values, it becomes much more clear what decision or option is in line with and honors your personal values.

One of my clients was recently presented with a new job opportunity. It was a great opportunity but she was really torn between taking it or not because she really loves the company and people she works for today.

This new job would come with more opportunity and a higher salary, but did that really outweigh the connection and comfort she had in her current job? Understandable conundrum!

So we dove into a values exercise.

While I presented her with a framework to identify her values and assess how well she was honoring them in her life today, she had to do the work. She had to get still and really consider what here top values were.

From this lens, I challenged her to consider her options. Take the new job or stay at the current job. Which option was more aligned to her core values?

Some of the values she identified were growth, achievement, and recognition. All things she wasn’t experiencing in her current job but that would be honored in her new job.

Her decision became much more crystal clear and her energy around the new opportunity skyrocketed.

The value of knowing your values (yeah… see what I did there??) is priceless. It’s a simple list you can come back to time and time again to make the largest or smallest decisions. It takes the mental ping pong (mostly) out of the decision making process.  

Click the button below if you want to check out my simple Values Workbook so you can get clear on what your core values are and get some more clarity in your life and decision making process.

Do you know what your top 4 values are? Let me know in the comments and how value clarity has helped in your life!