Face the Storm

Last weekend we had an INTENSE storm in Austin. We’re talking flooding, high water rescues, destroyed trees, power outages, and the scariest drive home as I left yoga class in the middle of the storm.

Then, the next day was the most beautiful day we've had all year. The grass has never been greener, flowers blooming like whoa, streams that had been dried up for months were flowing, it was in the 70s and a perfect mix of sunny and cloudy. I swear I could feel the earth being more alive and vibrant.

As I was in awe of the beauty and life of the day, I realized this was nature’s reminder to me that oftentimes we have to go through destruction and chaos in order to experience a new level of beauty, love, and energy.

In work, in relationships, in life, we're terrified of destruction. Of chaos. Of storms. Deep down we know something amazing could be on the other side, but fear holds us back.  

Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of pain (for yourself of others) fear of loss, is what keeps us from taking risks. It's just human nature (you know, the whole caveman gotta-stay-alive thing).

Maybe it does't feel like fear. Maybe it just feels like you aren't ready, like it's not worth the risk, like you just aren't sure, like the worst case scenario in your head is sure to be the outcome, like what you want to do is too selfish or just not a priority right now. Things are "ok" so you just keep going as they are.

I’ve learned throughout my life, time and again, that you won’t get to experience the beauty, opportunities, and fulfillment that is on the other side until you take the action. Take the risk. Take the leap.

Of course this is way easier said than done. As a coach, I mostly support high-achieving millennial women who are seeking more purpose and less burn out. Figuring out how to switch jobs, or how to take the leap to do the thing that will bring you more passion and purpose can feel like you're welcoming a storm into your life. 

But you have to take the risk in order to find out.

Nature gave me the reminder I needed this weekend that destruction and chaos is OK. Even necessary. That there can be beauty in destruction if you have the right mindset. There is for sure some underlying fear I'm personally working through with my work and relationships, and it's requiring a mindset shift and a commitment to action.

If you feel stuck around making a decision or taking an action (umm, don’t we all), you’re staying in the tension prior to the storm. The storm can be super scary. Unknown. Destructive. I get it. But you’ll never know what’s on the other side until you take that first step and let possible destruction clear the way for something better. Life’s too short not to.

If you need support figuring out what might be keeping you stuck, or the courage, accountability, and tools to take the next step, let’s chat. You’d be amazed at the energy boost and mindset shift you can experience from one session, so set up time here to chat or shoot me a note (elizabeth@elizabethstjohn.co) letting know why now is the right time for you to commit to what's next.

Sending all the love and opportunity your way,