KonMari Your Feed

We all know there is a bunch of crap on social media. And there’s also a bunch of funny stuff. Inspirational stuff. Smart stuff. Confusing stuff. Fake stuff…. Whatever, you name it.

What if you apply the KonMari method to your social media feed? Keep following content that “sparks joy”. Unfollow what is no longer serving you or drains you.

Note: This post is not meant to comment on political research or points of view… hopefully we all know your Insta feed is not the most reliable source of balanced world news… that’s what Twitter is for. HA! I kid, I kid.

When I first joined Instagram… ok, when I first started actively using Instagram… way back in the day when I got my account I just used it to edit pictures I would then post to Facebook…

I digress….

So when I first joined Instagram, I followed all the big accounts… the funny ones, the ones that were satirical about how much work sucked or guys sucked… or the famous people who posted highlight reels of their glamorous lives… even though I knew all the BS they post is an altered version of reality, it was still impacting my mood .

In an effort to better curate what I was digitally ingesting, I started noticing the thoughts and feelings that would pop up during and after a scroll sesh…

Truth sprinkle… the images and words we see scroll across our screens do impact our energy, thoughts, and emotions, consciously or unconsciously.

Seeing the satirical post about how much it sucked that it was Monday. Or the dig about the “f*boy” of the week. Seeing the distant girl from college post for the 1,000th time that week about her perfect family (we all know perfect families aren’t a real thing, right!?). These posts might give me some entertainment or a laugh for a second, but then I realized really it was negative energy around something that didn't have to be negative.

I would leave feeling little bits of resentment, less-than-ness, jealously, negativity, etc.

I didn't have to have a bad day at work because it was Monday and some stranger on Instagram put the point of view in my mind that work sucks.

Or that I shouldn't even put energy into dating because every guy is a “peter pan boy” anyway, so why even bother?

These are simple examples, but what I came to notice is that they were all tiny energy drains. Like little holes sucking air out of my energy balloon one post at a time.

So, I did a massive clean up.

For a week, every time I saw a post on my feed that put me into a negative space (about anything), I unfollowed the account.

It’s incredible what that has done for my energy and relationship with social media.

And of course it feels sooooo good to unfollow and free up your feed. You know that feeling I’m talking about!

It seems simple, but when you start getting too many little holes in your balloon, the energy drain really does add up.

Now I follow accounts that are aligned with the person I am becoming and I feel energized, inspired, and dare I say, happy when I go down the insta scroll hole.

So, take a page from Marie Kondo and ask yourself if the accounts you’re following “spark joy”.

Or, ask yourself… “is seeing this every day putting me in a positive space to show up in the world how I want, or is it draining me and bringing up thoughts, feelings, and emotions that I don’t want to invite into my day?”

Totally in your control. You can curate your feed however you like.



Are you sick of all this KonMari talk or loving it?? Comment below!