Show me who you’re with and I’ll tell you who you are

I’m happy to say that the last few years have been a tremendous phase of growth for many people in my life.

Here’s a short list of some of the bold and courageous actions the amazing women I am lucky enough to call friends, mentors, colleagues, and clients have taken:

  • Left her job… not to jump to a new job, but to take time to feel into what’s next for her

  • Took the courageous step of going to rehab and changing her life and environment

  • Got laid off and used it as an opportunity to travel and become a yoga instructor

  • Left a good job and a good salary for a growth opportunity by stepping into the unknown

  • Started two business within a year while maintaining a full time corporate job

  • Left her secure job as a lawyer to open up an event space with her sister

  • Took the risk of starting a product company with a bestie and learned some major life, relationship, and business lessons as that partnership dissolved

  • Is writing a book that is going to ruffle some feathers when it’s published (several of you!)

  • Resigned from an influential job to pursue her passion, even though she’s not quite sure what the hell that looks like yet

  • ...the list goes on...

Deepest gratitude to all the women who may recognize themselves in the list above… you have each inspired me more than you could possibly know!

And I’ve found myself wondering… is it because we’re secure thirty-somethings settling in to our life’s purpose and passion?

Giving fewer fucks and taking more risks?

Or does it also have to do with a ripple effect? The snowball effect?

I’d say it’s both.

When you see people around you taking bold action in an effort to more fully step into who they are, it provides you with hope and courage to do the same.

What do I mean by “more fully step into who they are”?

We are all conditioned over time to conform to social, family, and workplace norms.

Layers and layers of other people’s expectations, definitions of success, and acceptable life paths are put on us from childhood, and we absorb them and conform like happy little sponges.

Then, most of undergo an unpacking process. A journey into differentiating what we were told we should do and who we should be, versus who we actually are.

What lights you up?

What are your unique gifts and talents?

What is the change, impact, or presence you want to provide to the world?

That discovery process and taking action is what I mean by stepping into your full self.

Living authentically. Being true to yourself.

Insert whatever idiom here, but the point is, when we see others taking risks and showing up in the world in ways that may seem scary and vulnerable, but is true for them, it’s inspiring.

It’s still scary.

But I’ve been so amazed and inspired by what I’ve seen people in my network accomplish.

You don’t have to go quit your job tomorrow and open up a skydiving business (but if that’s your passion… by all means, go for it!)

But you could Google “how to get a small business loan for ...”

Or start writing that blog that you have kept just to yourself for now.

Or research how to open a restaurant in San Francisco (yes, I’m talking to you :)

And… look around.

Are the people you’re surrounding yourself with inspiring you?

Is the ripple effect of your network anabolic (inspiring positive action and opportunity) or catabolic (draining, defeatist, and stagnant)?

The snowball effect works both ways, so be conscious of who you’re around and how that’s positively or negatively impacting your mindset and actions.

And if you need an extra boost, that’s why I’m here.

My job and my mission as a coach is to support your in your journey of getting out of auto-pilot mode and into dreaming up the life of your dreams then MAKING IT REAL.

Hit me up!

Everyone needs a support system. I’ve seen magic happen and women accomplish mind blowing dreams they never thought possible with the support the right coaching, mentorship, and network.

Show me who you’re with and I’ll tell you who you are.