Changing Your Mindset

If I were to ask you, or anyone, if they wanted more abundance in their life, it’s a safe assumption that most people would say, yes, of course! More success, more love, more resources… most people want more of something in their life.

It’s OK to want a more abundant life. Sure, we need to be grateful for what we have in life, but that doesn't keep us from having our deep desires realized!

In fact, it’s great to want a life full of joy, strength, love., and whatever else you desire.

But what if your thought patterns were actually setting you up for just the opposite?

Without fulling delving into the principles of the Law of Attraction, I invite you to bring more consciousness to how you think about things. How you talk about things. Are you coming from a perspective of abundance, or scarcity?

What does that mean?

A mindset of abundance would mean you are coming from a place of ample. More. Ultimate. You have the time. You have the resources. You have the capacity.


If you’re coming from a mindset of scarcity, it’s quite the opposite. You’re coming from a fear-based place as you think and make decisions. If your thought patterns consist of "What if I don't have enough time? What if I fail? What if I never…?" then you are thinking and acting from scarcity and less-than.


At first this may just sound like the difference between being positive and being negative, but it’s more that that. This is about consciously looking at the core mindset that drives your thoughts, emotions, and actions. And, how that mindset shows up in your life


Let me give you an example...


I haven’t yet found “the man of my dreams”, “the love of my life”, my “soulmate”. I’m in my thirties. I could (and I have in the past), believed that when “Mr. Right” and I do meet one another, if we ever do, we won’t have enough time together. We’ll only have half of our lives to spend together, if that. We won’t be able to experience love to its fullest capacity because there simply won’t be enough time.


If I were to approach this thought pattern from a perspective of abundance, the story I would be reciting would instead be that I will experience more love than I can imagine and have such a deep, deep connection with the man of my dreams, that the sheer amount of time doesn’t matter.


Same scenario… me meeting my future hubby, but the first is fear-based and from a scarcity mindset… even when we do meet, we won’t have enough time for enough love.

What impact does that make? It makes my pursuit of love challenging, depressing, and like it will never be enough. Hell, it’s even a defeatist view… why kiss any more frogs if when I find my prince, I won’t have enough time and love with him anyway?


Coming from a mindset of abundance, I know, believe, and tell myself, that I will have the most deep connection and loving relationship with him, regardless of how much time we have. Now that thought pattern makes me want to do some dating app swiping (or put myself out there to meet someone in real life, heaven forbid)!


So you see, it’s not just about being positive or negative, it’s about recognizing how a deeply rooted mindset (which may be subconscious up until now) impacts your energy towards a subject, and ultimately drives your actions, which may actually be counter to what you want.   


What’s something on your mind today? A goal, dream, or situation? Are you approaching it from a mindset of scarcity or abundance?


If you want to shift to a mindset of abundance, ask yourself:

  • What is the most amazing outcome I can dream up?

  • What would my most supportive friend tell me to consider?

  • If the sky's the limit, what is possible?

  • What’s the exact opposite of what I’ve been telling myself about this?


Then, re-write your “story” about this topic. Shift the way you talk to yourself, and others, about your goal so you’re using language of abundance and possibility, not challenges and roadblocks.  


It takes practice, but shifting your mindset will have a HUGE impact on your life. And the first step is just recognizing what mindset you are coming from. Your ingrained thought patterns are subconscious and function on auto-pilot. It’s easy to take our thoughts as truth and not challenge the mindset behind them.

But the good news is, the ability to shift your mindset, your actions, and your outcomes is totally in your control.

I’ll dive deep into this mindset shift practice in my January Success Mindset Challenge. If you want to pre-register for this free 5-day challenge, sign up here. We’re going to explore what lights you up, experiment with some mindfulness practices, and learn how to take action to shift your mindset to help accelerate your goals.


So, think about it… where can you shift your mindset to come from abundance vs. scarcity today? Let me know in the comments below! What’s most personal is most universal, so sharing your experience may help someone else break through a challenge they are having.




Elizabeth St. JohnComment